A Car's Life

Look at this Cars ripoff

A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure is a mockbuster made by Spark Plug Entertainment. Just like The Little Cars, it was trying to copy the success of Disney/Pixar's Cars trilogy and its spin-off Planes trilogy, produced by DisneyToon Studios. The film is criticised for its poor 3D animation, annoying and unlikeable characters (except most say that Sparky's dad Fender is the only decent character), poor voice acting, ripping off a more popular movie, and poor character design.

The film follows the escapades of Sparky, an ugly and obnoxious young car who longs to be independent. However, his father Fender is often worrying about him (which isn't too surprising considering how reckless the little douche is). When they arrive at Fender's gas stations, trouble soon rears its head when Diesel, the widow of Fender's dead brother shows up and proves to be a bad influence on Sparky. The female character, Speedy, has a voice that is very wretched and ear piercing. Can Fender manage to snap some reality into his son before something awful happens? Let's hope not! Let's hope they all die! This movie is one of the worst films in the history of all of the universe. This movie was made in 2006, the same as the original. This movie is stupid and lame. There should not even be any sequels of this anymore at all!

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