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Animal Soccer World (Das Unglaubliche Fussballspiel der Tiere) is a German film produced and released by Dingo Pictures. It is based on Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Like many Dingo Pictures productions, it had many negative reviews, and is regarded as the worst of their output, mostly because of the poor English voice acting.


In a city inhabited by animals, because nothing exciting is happening, the animals start a soccer match. The two teams who shall compete are named "The Wild Dogs" and "The Jungle Kings".

In a village inhabited solely by animals, a young dog named Crummel and his lion friend Joey discuss how boring the world they live in is. This issue badly affects the jobs of Harry, a bird reporter; Greta, a duck nurse and Samson, a bear candy-seller.

Shortly after, a Crummel and Joey calm down a dog named Yeko and a panther named Jeko, who were fighting over a soccer ball. This gives them the idea of a soccer match, with Yeko's "Wild Dogs" playing against Jeko's "Jungle Kings".

Harry, Samson and Greta are glad with the idea. After Harry, with the help of Puss in Boots and a pelican, prints the newspaper announcing the soccer match within a week, three other birds are amused by the fact that Harry cannot be a commentator because of how incompetent he is. Harry dares them to be commentators too, to see who is best.

Meanwhile, Yeko begins organizing his team. Crummel is not allowed to play because of his small size, but as strange as it might seem, Joey is allowed to play despite being about the same size. After being denied by Yeko, Crummel is sent to find Butcher, a bulldog, who will be a goalkeeper.

The news of a soccer match arrives to the Lion King, Joey's father, and announces that he will not be playing due to his senescence. Crummel finally finds Butcher, who understands his situation and agrees to play with Yeko's team only if Crummel plays as well. Yeko finally agrees to let Crummel in his team, but only as a substitute.

When the match is about to begin, some "hooligans" show up. Concerned of conflict, the Lion King orders them to stay in "Area S" and threatens to eat them if they do not do so. One goose smartly points out that he is a totalitarian dictator.

Rooster's band, composed of a dog, cat and donkey, lighten up the atmosphere by singing in Dutch. The animals begin playing.

The Jungle Kings are the first to match a goal. After Yeko is badly injured, Crummel takes his place, and manages to kick the ball with such precision that not even the Jungle Kings' goalkeeper, an elephant, stops it. The match ties to one, and the Lion King announces that there will be another one within six weeks.

After quitting to play, Crummel and Joey are befriended again, despite the fact that at no point did enmity arise between the two in the first place.


Like many of the characters in Dingo Pictures films, the characters are mostly unnamed, and even if they are named, their names are usually drowned out by the English voices.

  • Crummel - A small dog and (possibly) main character.
  • Joey - A young lion, Crummel's friend.
  • Harry - A humanoid-avian reporter.
  • Samson - A candy-selling bear.
  • Greta - A duck who is a nurse that only shows up twice in the movie to ear-rape any headphone user with her raspy and loud ambulance siren.
  • Rooster - A rooster band vocalist whose songs are never translated into English.
  • The Lion King - The feline sovereign of this poorly-drawn realm.



Animal Soccer World (PS2)

Animal Soccer World (PS2)

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Dingo Pictures - Animal Soccer World Greek

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