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Beaver things: Laughter

Crummel: Long time no see
Joey: Mmmm?
Crummel: What are you doing today?
Joey: I don't know yet.
Crummel: We can visit some friends.
Joey: Sounds good. I like visiting friends very much.


Joey: Who are we going to visit?

Crummel: Harry. We are going to visit Harry. Then we know right away if there is something going on. And then we can tell our friends.

Joey: Okay, let's visit Harry.

Harry: Attention, attention! Ladies and gentlemen, did you see it? 'Course you didn't see it because you can only hear me. Okay, listen carefully. There is an undescribable chaos! More and more animals are coming this way. You can hear the sirens. Ambulance, police, fire department.

Crummel: But Harry, what are you talking about?

Harry: Ah, eh, yeah, well...

Joey: But where is the ambulance and the police and I don't hear any sirens also.

Harry: Oh, you are right, you can't hear them. I am just practicing in case something really happens.

Crummel: But what is supposed to happen?

Harry: Something that even scares the dogs!

Crummel: Excuse me?

Harry: I wasn't talking about you but ever since I've been a reporter, nothing happens. And when nothing happens, I can't report anything.

Joey: Mmmm, I see. That is hard.

Harry: For weeks I've been running from one end to another. It's everywhere the same.

Donkey: What's the same everywhere?

Harry: It's everywhere the same. The same of nothing happen.

Donkey: Yeah, it's the same old song.

Rooster: Yeah, old songs. It's not fun to be a singer when there are no parties where I can sing my old songs.

Bear: Parties? Where? Can I sell my candy somewhere?

Harry: There is no party.

Bear: Oh.

Harry: It's driving me crazy.

Gretta: Uhh-eeee, oh-eee, uhh-eeee, oh-eee, uhh-eeee, oh-eee...

Crummel: I told you, there is something happening. Wait Gretta, I am coming with you.

Joey: Hey, wait up Crummel!

Harry: It's probably a false alarm but hey, it's better than nothing.

<Jeko on dog fighting sounds>

Gretta: Do you really have to fight? Why can't you be nice to each other?

Yeko: That is no fun.

Jeko: That's right.

Joey: Is it bad?

Gretta: No, just the usual scratch and bite wounds.

Crummel: Why were you fighting?

Yeko: That's why.

Joey: Yeah, so?

Yeko: I found the ball.

Jeko: And then he didn't let me play with it.

Yeko: Yeah, that's right. Because you can't shoot, you just shoot it everywhere.

Jeko: That's not true. You are just mad because I can shoot the ball further.

Yeko: No, you can't.

Jeko: I can.

Yeko: No!
Jeko: Yes!

Yeko: No!

Crummel: Why don't we organize a soccer game. Then we will see who's the best. I'll be the referee.

Harry: Yes, yes, that's it. That's a great idea! Great idea! We organize a soccer game. A real soccer game.

Jeko: A soccer game? Uh, you mean with a team?

Yeko: You mean with a real, uh, goal and spectators and stuff?

Harry: Yeah, everything will be there. And I will be the reporter.

Jeko: Good idea.

Crummel: You don't have a team yet and you also need a name.

Yeko: Huh. I already got a name. The Wild Dogs. Errrrrrrrrr.

Jeko: Hahahahaha, don't make me laugh. Our team's name is the Jungle Kings. The kings of the jungle.

Harry: Yeah, yeah, that sounds great. The game of the year. The Wild Dogs against The Jungle Kings. In two weeks the game will take place.

Together: It's a deal.

Gretta: Err, don't you also need nurses in such a game?

Harry: Yeah, as far as I know people always get hurt.

Gretta: That's great. I will get my emergency kit right away.

Hyenas: Laughter

Harry: Oh, I have to announce the game right presently and distribute fliers and that all in two weeks.

Crummel: It's a shame we will never play on the same team. Yeko will never let me play for the Jungle Kings.

Joey: Yeah, and I can never play with the Wild Dogs.

Crummel: Oh well, it's okay. We can still be friends.

Joey: For sure Crummel. It's just only for the game.

Crummel: Oh bye Joey. I see you after the game.

Joey: Till then Crummel. Good luck.

Puss: Today in two weeks the soccer game of all time will take place. The super club the Wild Dogs play the top team of the Jungle Kings. Harry, is this true?

Harry: Yeah, that's true.

Puss: Isn't that a lot of work to organize that?

Harry: Yeah, you can say that again. First of all, I have to hand out all these fliers and I have no clue how to do all that.

Puss: If you want, I can help you with the organization. It'll be fun.

Pelican: I can help you to spread the fliers.

Harry: That would be outstanding. Then I could prepare myself and I'll rest for my appearance as a sportscaster.

Vulture 2: What do we hear? You want to become a sportscaster? And of course you want two? Aren't you a fan from the Wild Dogs?

Puss: If you vultures know it so good, why don't you become reporters yourselves?

Vulture 2: Okay, boys. We will become the reporters of the Jungle Kings.

Vulture 1: What he can do, we can do too.

Vulture 2: Much better.

Harry: We will see. Ha. You and your reporters.

Vultures: Laughter.

Puss: And really throw these fliers everywhere.

Pelican: Don't be afraid. In the circle of 100 kilometers no one will be able to tell that he didn't know.

Puss: Let's hope so.

Snake: A soccer game takes place in two weeks? Is that something?

Geese: Heeeh heeeh...

Pig: A soccer match? In two weeks there is a soccer championships. Hey sister, come over here. I have an idea.

Donkey: The Wild Dogs play against the Jungle Kings today in two weeks.

Rooster: What are we waiting for?

Dog: Drumming

Yeko: Hey guys, come over here. I want to discuss something with you. Jeko and I have decided to organize a soccer match.

80s Dog: That's awesome!

Grey Dog: Ehhh, a soccer match? That's cool.

Yeko: And we name ourselves the Wild Dogs.

Old Dog: And the others? What are the others called?

Yeko: The Jungle Kings.

Grey Dog: Don't make me laugh, the kings of the jungle. That's stupid.

80s Dog: If you beat 'em, the kings of the jungle, they have no chance against us.

Yeko: Who's in? Who wants to play? We need defenders, attackers...

Grey Dog: Uhh, defender, I want to be a defender!

Yeko: Well, then I will be a forward.

80s Dog: I can also be a forward.

Dalmation: And I can run fast.

Yeko: Well okay. You look a little bit small but you're fast and you can run between the legs.

Husky: I can play on the left side.

Phooey: And I on the right side.

Old Dog: I would also like to take part. Is there a position where you don't have to run that much?

Grey Dog: Well, uh, I can't think about anything yet but I'll find something.

Crummel: And I? What can I be?

Yeko: Nothing Crummel, you are way too small. It's not a playground.

Crummel: But it was my idea.

Grey Dog: We don't care. We can't beat the Jungle Kings when we have to look after somebody all the time.

Crummel: The Jungle Kings will allow Joey to play. And he's just as small as me.

80s Dog: Joey's father is the head of the lions. Joey's father is the head of the lions.

Crummel: That is something quite different.

Yeko: So now we took care of that and now we can go practicing. First of all, we're gonna practice shooting.

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