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HoneyBeth is the tritagonist in The Little Panda Fighter.

The Little Panda Fighter

In this movie, she watches Pancada taking a crap in the pail. She then says "Mah boi!" and "Pandas" and she skates away. She is seen again later when she offers some kind of tissue to some snotty nosed bear and she then says that Freak Teddy is dreamy. Pancada then stands next to her smiling and she sees this and mocks him. The next day, she is sitting at the bar when Pancoda tries to smooth talk her. She rejects him and she then finds him in the basement raving to Justin Bieber. She then changes her mind about him.

During the fight between the Polar Bear guy and Fat Teddy, she flirts with the snotty nosed bear. She comes back the next day and she wants to see Pancada's butt Then, she is seen at the end of the film, dancing with Pancada. 

Events after the movie

Beth and Pancada get married and have 10 childern named Charlous,Freddy,Bob,Bobbete,UglyStick,Spud,Jeffery,Jeffete,Joeyous & PedoBear

Pancada ends up going to Xin's sentence with Beth when he "accidently" pushes an undentified bear off a cliff (people say it might have been Freak Teddy) then Beth sees the "accident" then tries to run but Pancada killed Beth before she could get to the Bear Police Department. He ends up in prison with Bo then they get into a fight

Personality Gallery

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