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Catotinha (Known as Grizzlepuss in the English version) is the major protagonist in The Little Panda Fighter.

The Little Panda Fighter

When we first meet Mr. Grizzlepoop in this movie, he is talking with a Polar Bear about his snotty dick. The polar bear suggests he go to a doctor and get his dick checked and the chick comes over on her skates and offers him a blow job called a Lorax. He doesn't want it and then he goes and mocks Pancada. 

The next day, he is sitting at the table with a beer and he sees Pancada and he gets mouthy. Later on, the snot gets worse from his nose and Beth dumps him because of this. He then goes on a long depression and at the end of the film, we see him smoking pot and flirting with a girl at table 17. 


Mr. Grizzlesnotpuss is very mouthy. He thinks he is smart but really, he is dumb. He watches Super Mario Logan's vids and he is mean to Pancada. He was dating Beth for a while but she lost interest because of the snot. 


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