Goldie is a Dingo Pictures feature.


Mom Doe gives birth to a fawn named Goldie and all the creatures of the forest want to visit him. Wuschel, the squirrel, soon became his best friend. Every animal and plant in the forest knows man is a great danger. So, when Wuschel and Goldie meet the creepy trees, they advise them to stay away from men and their technology. The little fawn dont believe these stories and he decided to play with giant bees.

One day, Goldie realized that his mother had dissapeared. With the help of Wuschel and other animals, he try to find her. But the search is not successfull and he and Wuschel take a nap. The next day, Mummel the bunny ( rip-off of Thumper) informs them that his mother may have been killed by hunters. This made Goldie very sad and  the whole forest felt his pain. Days later, a fully biped bear arrives at the forest and communicates to all the habitants that Mom Doe is not dead. She was transferred to a zoo and became ill due to excessive pollution of the visitors. 

But Mummel devised a plan to rescue Goldie mother and the other deers.


Goldie - Äventyr i Trollskogen

Goldie - Äventyr i Trollskogen