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Master Xin is a supporting character in The Little Panda Fighter he is the antagonist.

Real Name: Zhang Chong-Xin

Born: 26 December 1948

Taiwan, Asia

Died: 9 June 2011 (aged 62)

Bearville, Bear County

Cause of death: Death Penalty

The Little Panda Fighter

Master Xin (Master Shifu rip-off) was Pancada's dance instructor from 2001 to 2008, In the late 1990s he was arrested for sexually assualting children.

He was realised from jail in 2000 from then he bought the bussiness "Xin Dance Class Inc" from then he met Pancada, that's when he sexally touched Pancada and became gay and peverted towards him. During the setting of The Little Panda Fighter he is seen asking Pancada if he can smell his colonge, after awhile, He hires Pancada as a pole dancer. He is also has a crush on Polaris as well as Pancada, After Pancada was caught dancing like a dumbass from Beth he got fired from Xin.

Events After The Little Panda Fighter

Since he fired Pancada he closed down his bussiness, because Pancada was his only dancer, And little kids wouldn't go to the place, He started sexally touching kids again in one article in the Bear News says that Xin apparently made kids go in his white van to have some "free candy" instead would molest them then drop them off somewhere. after many more news articles the police were fed up with it and Xin died on the electric chair because of his crimes, His last words were: Make it snappy!

Pancada was the only who attended his funeral that followed the fortnight he got the death penalty.


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