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Master Xin is a supporting character in The Little Panda Fighter.

The Little Panda Fighter

Master Xin is a Master-Shifu rip-off. In the early 1960's, Xin was arrested for sexually assualting children. The charges were dropped and he was released in early 2007. Then, he stayed at Mario's Hotel where he got into a fight with Master Shifu. He was arrested again for assault and sent to jail until the release of The Little Panda Fighter.

In the actual movie, he watches excitedly as Pancada starts dancing. Xin liked this because he was gay and he liked watching Pancada dancing. Anyway, Xin was being perverted because he wanted to smell Pancada's cologue and he was interested in Beth.

Later on in the movie, we see him at the dance club with his friends where he hires Pancada as a pole-dancer. However, he doesn't like Pancada anymore after this because Pancada jumped.  



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