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Master Xin is a supporting character in The Little Panda Fighter he is the antagonist.

Born: 1948

Bearville, Bear County

Nationality: English, Asian

The Little Panda Fighter

Master Xin (Master Shifu rip-off) was Pancada's dance instructor from 2001 to 2008, In the late 1990s he was arrested for sexually assuauting children.

He was realesed from jail in 2000 from then he bought the business "Xin Dance & Meditation Class Inc" from then he met Pancada, that's when he sexally touched Pancada and became gay and peverted towards him. During the setting of The Little Panda Fighter he is seen asking Pancada if he can smell his colonge, after awhile, He hires Pancada as a pole dancer. He is also has a crush on Polaris as well as Pancada.

Events After The Little Panda Fighter

After 2008 Xin closed his business down due to lack of funds and the Bear Government turned it into a Bear Meditation Temple for bears. Xin was upset because of what happend. But after a few days after he went to see his old teacher Master Phuc for the last time because Phuc was very old when he died.


  • Xin is possibly bisexual meaning he might of been gay because of his acts to Pancada and Polaris .
  • He might have been molested by Master Phuc, his teacher when he was a young bear cub.


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