Big! How dare you scratch more than animals, you most have brothers and sisters and our parents have us, gold!
~ Yee! Como guelio pasa del horo serene, edal margeeganta vol del toopy serene.

Oro is an Orodromeus and one of the main protagonists of Dingo Pictures' Dinosaur Adventure. He got famous for his prominent role in the Yee meme.

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Description and Personality

Oro is a dark green theropod dinosaur with a lighter tan underbelly. He has a small spine from the top of his head extending all the way down to the end of the tail. Oro exhibits a relatively simplistic head and body as if drawn by a child.

Oro is supposed to an old wise teaching figure in the movie. Tio's mother claimed he also was her teacher when she was young. He was capable of creating a phonograph-like device that could detect rumbling within the Earth. He is commonly seen to be very poor at his job as he allows his students to fight and claims that "his science will make them fly".

The Yee meme

Oro plays a central role in the Yee Meme. The origins of the said meme are in the Italian version of the German movie Dinosaur Adventure and happen during the scene where Oro berates Peek for joking Tio has been forgotten by his parents. In the Italian version, it sounded like Oro was yelling "Yee". Using music tracks and footage from the film, YouTuber Revergo made a video, in which Peek was singing, after which Oro interrupts him by yelling Yee. This video became a meme and spawned multiple other versions of it.

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