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Pancada is the main protagonist in The Little Panda Fighter. He was based off of Po from Dreamworks' Kung Fu Panda.


He was originally a regular panda, until one day when he got caught in a devistating nucular explosion (which apparently included meth in a gas form). After that, he mutated into a monster that somewhat resembles a bear. He then started working at the Bear Bar Box.

The Little Panda Fighter

In the movie, Pancada takes everyone being mean to him as a compliment. When Beth teases him about him going on a date, he finds it funny. When Mr. Grizzlepuss starts laughing at him, he just sighed and groaned and did nothing. He tried to commit suicide by challenging Freak Teddy to a fight but got put in a wheelchair and ended up having baby pandas with Beth. He’s dance instructor Master Xin teaches him values to beat Freak Teddy then ends up getting bashed by him. 


Since he's a panda, he is very clumsy, not very smart and actually doesn't like to fight. He dreams to one day become a great ballet dancer. Not many people really like him. 


  • Pandas have cum. This may have been because of Beth's misheared quote "Cuddle Bear".
  • He secretly has a crush on his boss Polaris
  • He was sexually touched by Master Xin
  • He is surprisingly good at dancing as shown in the movie
  • . Pancada would walk 500 miles, and Pancada would walk 500 more. Just to be the Panda, who walked a thousand miles to fall down at your door. When he wakes up, yeah, he knows he's gonna be, he's gonna be the panda who wakes up next to you. When he go out, yeah, he know's he's gonna be, he's gonna be the panda who goes along with you. If he gets drunk, well, he knows he's gonna be, he's gonna be the panda who gets drunk next to you. And if he haver's, hey, he know he's gonna be, he's gonna be the panda who's havering to you.


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