Synopsis - Chapter One

One morning at a barnyard, Walter Pembroke III, our protagonist, wakes up and goes to the trough to say his blessings with the Barnyard Social Registry, a group of high-class farm animals. It's here we are introduced to many of the "charming" characters that plague this black hole of direness, such as Walt's best friend Tiffany, a spider who can't decide to be Jamaican or Scottish, Crystal, Tiffany's "sassy black sidekick who is TOTALLY not extremely offensive and racist", two duck-chicken abominations, Gilbert, a wasp who thinks he's a seriously, that's all there is to his character, and two horses who hold a strange grudge towards spiders.

After some pointless filler, a pie goes missing and Walt's mother, Esther, suspects him of eating it. Walt then lies that the pie was destroyed by aliens, but Esther asks Walt how he knew the pie's flavor. Tiffany says that the pie was eaten by Walt. However, the other animals do not believe her, and a long and tedious conversation ensues. Walt is pissed that Tiffany ratted him out, and we soon find out that the two have known each other since Walt was a baby.

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