Synopsis - Chapter Two

After that waste of time, a snake with a cellphone who goes by the name of Noiman Ja Rahr (yes, really) pops out of nowhere. Noiman tells Walt to keep telling obvious lies. After Tiffany tries (and fails) to convince Walt to tell Esther that he ate the pie, Walt accidentally knocks over Esther's favorite pot. Walt again lies, telling that a ghost came and broke the pot. Tiffany says that Walt broke the pot. Another long and tedious conversation ensues, and one of the horses claims that Esther's pot was destroyed by a farting cow. (alright, which scriptwriter let their 5 year old take over?)

After that, Esther tells Walt that she needs to check his homework (which makes no since whatsoever, considering he has no hands and well, the fact that HE'S A PIG ON A FARM), when it is clear that he did not even do it. Walt lies once more, saying that the homework came to life and ate the dog. Thankfully, we are not treated to another drawn out conversation. Esther tells Walt that she worries about his future.

Noiman tells Walt of a place called Viperwood, where he tells Walt that he could be a star. Walt decides to go, and Tiffany, Crystal, and Gilbert decide to tag along. While driving to Viperwood, the group decide to stop for the night and stay at a motel. However, they notice an alien/slug thing who cares honestly trying to get her granddaughter, Lucy, off of a roof. After some repetitive dialogue, Tiffany scares Lucy off the roof and she somehow lives.

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