Synopsis - Chapter Three

The alien/slug thing thanks the group for helping and lets them stay in her room for the night. The alien/slug thing warns the gang not to turn on the TV (which has eyes for some reason). However, Noiman turns it on anyways, and we are treated to some weird game show where you get spanked by a living flyswatter if you get the wrong answer. The TV then comes to life and starts destroying the place, and our "heroes" get out, living the two alien-slug things to die in the chaos.

The group then steals fuel from a gas station, and they are then chased by...giant grey cockroaches on bikes with rocket launchers. (what is this, Earthworm Jim? Wait, scratch that, Earthworm Jim is ACTUALLY GOOD.) Anyways, the gang manages to escape, and they finally arrive in Viperwood the next morning.

We are then introduced to Venom, Noiman's partner, who literally just pops out of nowhere. They arrive at a Broadway theater, where Walt tries to hold his breath in a fishbowl while singing. He fails.

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