Synopsis - Chapter Four

They then arrive at the game show from earlier, where Walt must answer what is the color of an octopus. Tiffany tells him to tell the truth that he doesn't know, while Noiman tells him to make something up. Walt gives in and says that he doesn't know, and gets spanked by the flyswatter, which then kills the host of the game show. (Jesus, this movie is dark).

While riding along, tensions begin to run high between Walt and Tiffany, and Tiffany considers leaving. But honestly, does anyone even give a crap about these guys at this point? Noiman suddenly gets a phone call, and tells Walt that he is going to be a movie star, but not after he accidentally runs over a pedestrian. While auditioning for the film, Walt, being a complete dunce, fails to notice a TNT box on the director's head, and gets blown up.

Walt (unfortunately) survives, but he still ends up in the hospital nonetheless. With all of the possible opportunities down the drain, Noiman decides that Walt has outlived his usefulness and tricks him into thinking that he is going to be a rapper, while he is actually being taken to the slaughterhouse.

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