Synopsis - Chapter Five

Just as it seems that Walt will be turned into sausages, Tiffany, Crystal, and Gilbert arrive just in time to "save" the day. Gilbert stings Noiman, and finds out that he really is a wasp after all. Tiffany tells Walt that unless you are 100% sure you won't get caught, and you have a really good memory, then you should never lie.

Walt, Crystal, and Gilbert return to the barnyard, but Tiffany stays behind to be the host of the game show. Venom, Noiman's partner from earlier, is a contestant on the show. Tiffany asks Venom what two triangles make, and Venom says that they make a circle. Tiffany says that Venom is "trippin' and lying", and Venom gets spanked by the flyswatter. Tiffany then says that when you place two triangles together, you get a diamond. The film then ends with Walt saying that he likes the show much more now that Tiffany is hosting, and Esther says that's something she believes, and we're left wondering how films like this passes off as entertainment.

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