The Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit (also known as Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit) is a knock-off of Kung fu Panda, following the story of a rabbit (Jon Heder) and a martial-arts prodigy (Rebecca Black) that must save a kung-fu academy.


A rabbit named Tu'er has an occupation of cooking pancakes in Beijing. The rabbit is trained by a monkey kung fu master named Laoguanzhu, so he can defeat the master's enemy, a panda named Xiongtianba, who is later revealed that he is a bear. Tu'er surprised at this discovery, confronts Laoguanzhu about the events that occurred. Furious at his accusations Laoguanzhu begins to enlarge until he becomes a giant and then devours Tu'er. Everyone in the valley celebrates and peace returns to China (trust me, I don't get it either, I just copied and pasted this off of wikipedia.)


Character Mandarin dub English dub
Tu'er (known as Fu in the english dub) the white rabbit Fan Wei Jon Heder
Mudan (Penny in the eng. dub, Peony in man.) the cat Yan Ni Rebecca Black
Laoguanzhu (known as Shifu in the eng. sub) the monkey Pu Cunxin Tom Arnold