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Cruise and the Five Alphablocks

Cruise had turn into an Alphablock he went to Heart of China with A, E, I, O, and U.

Classic Characters in 1940

Green Alphablock A without her plaster, red Alphablock E, pink Alphablock I, orange Alphablock O, blue Alphablock U without his hat and shoes, and yellow Alphablock Cruise with his little tail.


  • Cruise A 5 year old yellow letter that can sleep everywhere when he is lazy.
  • A A 8 year old green letter that she can clumsy.
  • E A 9 year old red letter that he can doing echos.
  • I A 14 year old pink letter that she can sings.
  • O A 6 year old orange letter that he can do to say "o! o! o! o!"
  • U A 9 year old blue letter that is everything unfair.

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