Wabuu as seen in all of his Dingo movies







Appears in

Legend of Pocahontas, Animal Soccer World, Countryside Bears, Wabuu: The Cheeky Racoon

Wabuu is a mascot character for Dingo Pictures created by Ludwig Ickert and Simone Greiss. He is the Dingo version of Meeko from Disney's Pocahontas as well as the main protagonist of his very own movie Wabuu: The Cheeky Raccoon. He is voiced by Armin Drogat.

Some of the animals are sooo stupid.
~ Wabuu´s catchphrase

Appearance and Personality

Wabuu looks like he was traced from a Disney movie. He is grey all over and has a light gray crest. He always has the same empty stare and blank smile. His off sync robotic laugh is also the same. He can be found hopping through the forest while singing his song.

Wabuu is a psychopath who loves nothing more than playing tricks on the other animals. He shows no remorse for anyone or anything, no matter what is put in front of him he will do nothing but smile.

Dingo Pictures

Wabbu has made appearances in four Dingo Pictures movies. Legend of Pocahontas, Countryside Bears, Animal Soccer World , and Wabuu: The Cheeky Racoon.

Legend of Pocahontas

Countryside Bears

Wabbu goes to visit the Countryside Bears, Yodel and . They go to see Teddy and Grumpy bear.

Animal Soccer world

Wabbu: The Cheeky Raccoon


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