Wabuu: The Cheeky Raccoon (or just called Wabuu) is a 1996 German animated film from mockbuster company Dingo Pictures. The film is based on The Jungle Book.


"Most of the animals are so stupid..." sings Wabuu, the small cheeky raccoon during his excursions in the jungles of India. Wabuu’s mind is set on nothing but nonsense and practical jokes. Nothing is more fun than to fool Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther, But unfortunately, Shere Khan, an evil tiger has come back to the jungle. Bagheera informs Baloo, Wabuu, Leo the lion, Hathi the elephant, Kaa the snake, the crocodile, the hippo and the vultures that Shere Khan has returned. One Day Wabuu meets Wuschel, the small squirrel who is wanting Wabuu to help him cross the river while Leo comes face to face with a wild dog named Agura. So Wabuu goes to the Castle ruled by the monkeys to get an axe but is then noticed by the Bander Log Monkeys, so Wabuu tricks them to collect Firewood to create Shere Khan's only fear, fire. Wabuu returns to the jungle to cut down a tree to use as a bridge but unfortunately the tree had a nest, after it was cut down the egg from the nest fell out. So Wabuu finds the egg with a lot of help form all the jungle animals and then discovers that the egg was safe and has already hatched out a baby bird. Only once Wabuu goes too far and Wuschel is missing, Wabuu and the jungle animals are real angry. Wabuu is terribly sorry. He starts looking for his friend Wuschel. But after rescuing Wuschel, two mice tell Wabuu that Tabagi the hyena and the baboons has stole there football and gave it to Shere Khan. So Wabuu and all the jungle animals declared war on Shere Khan and got back the football, after the war was over, the jungle animals have a celebration which ends up with a lot of sneezes.


  • Wabuu = mowgli role
  • Li and Re = lucky toucan role
  • Wuschel
  • Pery
  • Pery's Husband





Dingo Pictures' Wabuu the Cheeky Raccoon Pesukarhu Wabuu (Finnish Dub)29:50

Dingo Pictures' Wabuu the Cheeky Raccoon Pesukarhu Wabuu (Finnish Dub)

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