Whats Up? Balloon to the Rescue45:32

Whats Up? Balloon to the Rescue

The full movie.

What's UP: Balloon to the Rescue! is a movie from Video Brinquedo. The movie is a cockbuster of S'Up and a sequel to Little and Big Monsters, which is turn a mockbuster of Monsters vs. Aliens.


Stop adding fake plots here, thank you. Please add a real plot if anyone here has seen it. Thank you.


  • Vagina Santos - Dr. Zoophilia
  • Paulo Avila - Dr. Crumb
  • Luciana Minei - Amanda
  • Gutau (misspelled as Guto) - Alex Minei
  • Jean Pierre - Sidney Cesar
  • Ching Ling (referred to as Chinese in credits) - Francisco Freitas
  • Reporter TV - Francisco Freitas
  • Reporter - Sara Hepner




  • The english dub was done by 4Kids Entertainment, under their division of Luminus Production.


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