Whats Up? Balloon to the Rescue

Whats Up? Balloon to the Rescue

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What's UP: Balloon to the Rescue! is a movie from Video Brinquedo. The movie is a mockbuster of Disney Pixar's "Up" and a sequel to Little and Big Monsters, which is turn a mockbuster of Monsters vs. Aliens.


Dr. Crumb and Dr. Zoox have found a magical rock that can hypnotise humans. They also have installed a balloon set on their home for no reason(probably just to rip off pixar's animations).

A French man named Jean Pierre fakes that he has seen some monsters in Amazon, so they turn the balloons up and travel in the air to get there. Meanwhile Jean tries to get them in a cave so he can steal the magical rock and make everyone obey him, but his plan fails. He throws the rock down, that opens a portal and 3 monsters escape. Two doctors immediately catch the first one, but the two other flee. They manage to catch the second one in Paris, while it was playing with the Eiffel tower.

After that, Jean tries to trick Amanda by flirting with her and making her fall in love with him. Then he and Amanda put sleeping pills in doctors' tea, causing them to fall asleep. But when Jean encounters the monster, he can't use the laser guns and he tells Amanda that he lied. The doctors wake up and catch the monster.

Then Amanda tells the doctors about Jean, and they send him to the other world with other monsters. In the ending scenes Dr. Crumb tells her that she should not trust everyone, but gets amazed by Amanda when she tells that she has found a new boyfriend, a random Chinese tourist.


  • A poster of "A car's tale" is seen in Guto's room - which is another ripoff of Disney and Pixar's movies. It is a ripoff of "Cars".
  • This movie has lots of racist slurs, including calling French people "Smelly" and Chinese name as "Ching Ling" and bringing the fact that Chinese materials are low-quality.
  • The English dub was done by 4Kids Entertainment, albeit uncredited.


  • Vagner Santos - Dr. Zoox
  • Paulo Avila - Dr. Crumb
  • Luciana Minei - Amanda
  • Gutau (misspelled as Guto) - Alex Minei
  • Jean Pierre - Sidney Cesar
  • Ching Ling (referred to as Chinese in credits) - Francisco Freitas
  • Reporter TV - Francisco Freitas
  • Reporter - Sara Hepner




  • The english dub was done by 4Kids Entertainment, under their division of Luminus Production.